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The Offshore Gaming Regulations in Alderney

Offshore gaming has saved the entire gambling industry from two huge impediments in its road to success. After encountering some complications with major hubs in the U.S., the industry got a big boost by transferring their gaming businesses and operations to other locations. This practice was mainly done to find some places that would have more gambling-friendly laws and practices.

In addition to that, the gambling industry was able to find places where the costs of operations would be much cheaper than the usual. This effort would later on translate to lesser industrial costs and better income and revenues. At the same time, the host countries and locations would somehow gain some employment opportunities from the businesses that these gaming companies would create.

Another important benefit that offshore gaming can bring is economic opportunities. With this major advantage at hand, the host locations and countries would earn something in return from this offshore gaming practice. This could come into fruition through the taxes and fees that the different gaming companies will pay on an annual basis.

With regards to offshore gaming, the island of Alderney is always a good one to consider. Aside from being the biggest island in the so-called Channel Islands, it has excellent gaming laws and regulations. All of these started with the creation of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission in the middle parts of the year 2000.

In 2006, the government of Alderney made some serious changes and improvements to its gaming laws. After this effort, the gaming commission launched the first ever electronic gambling license. This innovative e-Gambling license covers various kinds of gambling. They include lotteries, sports books, the various kinds of poker games, and other casino card games.

The e-Gambling license has a huge cost of 70,000 British pounds on a yearly basis. Those who want to procure such license would undergo an all important compliance testing that will be run on the gaming systems of the potential licensee. This very vital move manifests the seriousness of the government of Alderney to make the island as one of the top offshore gaming locations in the whole world.

In the Alderney Gambling Commission's latest move which came in as early as 2005, it has decided to conform to the so-called free market approach towards electronic gaming. This decision has opened the doors for online players from all over the globe to make bets in the online games that are offered by the licensed gaming companies. This free market principle also covers players from the U.S.